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You come here as a strong man. You leave as an athlete.

The Concordia-International Weightlifting Club, is highly regarded for its excellence, and competition performance. Catering to both competitive and recreational weightlifters, our membership program offers individual coaching, personalized program design, and a flexible training schedule.

What sets us apart from other gyms is our holistic approach to coaching. Unlike those that provide a disconnected coaching experience, Concordia-International Weightlifting Club stands out, and prioritizes enhancing your technical understanding of the lifts, building strength, and fostering a team environment for competition. We believe in a long-term approach that nurtures well-rounded athletes, cultivates self-confidence, and instills mental resilience beyond the lifting platform.

Concordia-International Weightlifting Club was founded in 2001 by John Margolis, he has served hundreds of athletes including national champions and medalists. As Concordia-International continues to grow the sport of Weightlifting in Montreal, we provide athletes the highest level of coaching and give them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Weightlifting.

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